A national distributor of hygiene and cleaning consumables to food manufacturers.

A National distributor of hygiene and cleaning consumables products to food manufacturers.

Our client is a well recognised distributor for the sourcing and supply of hygiene and cleaning consumables for leading food processors in the UK.

For confidentiality we have not identified our client referred to below. However if you wish to make contact with our client to obtain further information, please let us know and we will endeavour to obtain the necessary permission.

The Customer’s Requirements

We started supplying our client in the early 2000’s after a leading confectionary manufacturer specified our wipes for use on their production processing lines and our client realised the superior performance benefits of our products would be of interest to their other customers.

In the food processing industry sector there were existing chemicals, however often there were numerous user problems with these products such as;

  • Wipe material that degraded quickly that resulted in operators using more wipes to complete same cleaning task.
  • Lower grade cloth in competitive wipe products often resulted in the product tearing on production equipment meaning a high risk of wipe material ending up in the finished product.
  • Products that did not provide effective cleaning, many products only offered basic bacterial sanitisation and could not provide high level disinfection required for food production processes.
  • Products that did not provide effective cleaning and disinfection capabilities increasing hygiene risk to end users.
  • Many products did not act fast and offered no residual efficacy once applied.
  • Many products were hazardous or irritant in use presenting risk to operatives, who were quite often not sufficiently trained in handling hazardous chemicals.

The Bioguard Solution!

Through product trials with the end client we were able to demonstrate our wipes and other product ranges provide their clients with all the key Bioguard food processing product benefits!

  • Heavy duty wipe material that did not tear or degrade reducing product wastage by up to 30% in some sites and eliminating the risk of product contamination.
  • Non hazardous, food safe and user friendly.
  • Products did not cause skin irritation to employees.
  • High level disinfectant that ensuring high levels of hygiene efficacy with a residual action.
  • Short contact time compared to other products which reduced the time that they needed to wait before they rinsed off the product.

In addition to all the product performance benefits we also provide our distributor with;

  • Sales training to their internal and external sales and marketing teams
  • Product technical support and advice to them and directly to their customers.

We have been working with our client for over 10 years and continue to work with them to deliver our products and services to their end clients.

To learn more about this case study, or how our products could help your business please contact us.

What the customer says!

Our clients sales manager says,

We have worked with Bioguard for over 10 years and they have provided first class service in technical support, on time and right first time delivery and consistently rate as one of our top suppliers all which ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of hygiene products for their manufacturing processes.”