Company processing pre-packed meat

Our client is a large and well established company processing pre packed meat products. For confidentiality we have not identified our client referred to below. However if you wish to make contact with our client to obtain further information, please let us know and we will endeavour to obtain the necessary permission.

The Customer’s Requirements

We started supplying our client in 2005 after they had supply and product issues with and existing supplier. Having met with us and being impressed with our product range and technical knowledge, they trialled our products. These trials confirmed the superior performance benefits of our products and we started to supply them with two of our product ranges.

The desision by this client to switch to our products was to overcome the problems with their existing hygiene and cleaning chemicals including;

  • Existing products were extremely hazardous, presenting a significant health and safety risks to operatives using the products to clean down equipment.
  • Products were damaging and degrading production machinery.
  • Separate products were required to carry out the cleaning and hygiene process leading to long cleaning times and increased labour costs.
  • Products that were not safe for incidental food contact.

h3>The Bioguard Solution!

Through product trials with the end client we were able to demonstrate our products provided them with all the key Bioguard food processing product benefitsIncluding: (put link to food section)

  • Host Surface Integrity – Bioguard products did not cause damage or degradation to surfaces, such as the corrosion of stainless steel and aluminium components, stress fractures in plastic surfaces or the blistering of painted surfaces.
  • Superior Cleaning Action – The products incorporated a heavy duty cleaning and sanitising agent which emulsifies fats, oils, starches and other organic debris, eliminating the need for separate cleaning and sanitising products making it significantly quicker than the more traditionally used chemicals. This reduces cleaning times, costs and optimised plant availability.
  • Non-Hazardous – Our product range was non-hazardous and therefore presented significantly greater Health & Safety benefits in terms of operator risk assessments, product preparation, product use and storage of chemicals.
  • Safe To Use – Bioguard products do not contain caustic based solutions, chlorinated compounds or oxidising agents thus eliminating the risk of chemical burns, skin irritation and sensitisation to their operatives.
  • Incidental Food Contact – Our products are classified as safe for incidental food contact. This eliminates the risks associated with cross contamination of the cleaning chemical and food produce and also allows clean down work to be undertaken during production operations.

In addition to all these product performance benefits we also provide our client with;

  • Technical support to ensure compliance with BRS audits.
  • Cleaning schedules and cleaning instruction cards for food processing facility.

We have been working with our client for just under 10 years and continue to deliver our high performance products and services.

To learn more about this case study, or how our products could help your business please contact us.

What the customer says!

Our clients product quality manager says,

We have worked with Bioguard for nearly 10 years and they have provided first class service in technical support, helping to regularly pass our BRS audits and ensuring our plant meets the highest hygienic standards, whilst not damaging machinery or my workers.’