Major Distributor of parts and spares to Vending sector

Abbeychart are a well recognised distributor for the sourcing and supply of vending machine parts and spares. They work with a wide variety of customers who supply, service and maintain a broad range of vending and drinks machine equipment in the United Kingdom.

The Customer’s Requirements

Abbeychart approached Bioguard in 2003 as their customers increasingly had a requirement for high performance cleaning and hygiene products for the drinks dispensing machines their clients were supplying and servicing. They had no suitable range available and were looking for a product supplier who could provide off the shelf solutions and also for certain key clients, they required a supplier with the expertise to provide bespoke solutions.

In the industry sector there were numerous user problems with existing hygiene and cleaning products including;

  • Over time, damage to machines because of the corrosive nature of the chemicals.
  • Products that did not provide effective cleaning, leaving product residues in the machines that could result in machine blockages and down time.
  • Products that did not provide effective cleaning and disinfection increasing hygiene risk to end users.
  • Products that were hazardous in use presenting risk to end users, who were quite often not sufficiently trained in handling such hazardous chemicals. .

The Bioguard Solution!

We undertook a hygiene review to better understand the real needs of Abbeychart and their end users. We then provided a range of existing products and some bespoke solutions in order for them to supply a consumable hygiene and cleaning range to their clients which provided all the key Bioguard vending product benefits!

In addition to all the product performance benefits we also provide Abbeychart with:

  • Sales training to their internal and external sales and marketing teams
  • Product technical support and advice to both them and directly to their customers.

We have been working with Abbeychart for over 10 years and continue to deliver our high performance products and services to their end clients.

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What the customer says!

Linzi Sahota Moore, Sales Director of Abbeychart says,

We have worked with Bioguard for over 10 years and they have provided unique solutions to ongoing industry problems that has enabled us to ensure that our clients provide machines with the highest level of hygiene, minimise the risk of machine breakdowns and all combined with good sales and technical support.