CASE STUDY Bespoke Solutions

Patented door handle for Healthcare high risk environments

Our client is a UK company which has successfully developed a unique and patented hygiene handle for doors which automatically dispenses a hand sanitiser product into people’s hands as they pass through the doors.  The design of this system has significantly improved hand hygiene compliance rates from 5% to 85% in high risk healthcare settings such as paediatric wards in hospitals.

For confidentiality we have not identified our client referred to below. However if you wish to make contact with our client to obtain further information, please let us know and we will endeavour to obtain the necessary permission.

The Customer’s Requirements

In order to maximise the efficacy of the handle they required a specialist hygiene products company to work with them to provide a sanitising solution that not only met the high hand sanitising standards demanded by the market, but that also worked effectively with the design of their dispensing handle. This presented the following key challenges for Bioguard;

  • A product that met all the key British Standards for bactericidal efficacy.
  • Product that was kind and gentle on users hands.
  • A product that would flow consistently and evenly through the dispensing system.
  • Product that did not discolour the handle when drying.
  • A simple packaging and refill system for end users.
  • Our client initially considered the merits of “own branding” of the sanitising product. However, in order to gain the significant benefits of the Bioguard brand, they opted for a “dual branding” approach with “Powered by Bioguard” featuring on the labelling.

The Bioguard Solution!

In order to achieve an effective solution, this development project required Bioguard to use our extensive expertise to successfully address the following key issues:

  • A customised product formulation to meet all the end users real needs.
  • Undertaking extensive independent laboratory testing to ensure that the product complied with dermatological standards and the British Standard for product efficacy.
  • Bespoke product packaging including sourcing, developing and commissioning a tooling mould to produce a new design of bottle.
  • Support in field trials to ensure users satisfaction.
  • Regulatory support to ensure product compliance.
  • Advice on branding and product positioning strategy for the effective marketing of our sanitiser into high risk healthcare environments.
  • Support for product registration and shipping into international territories.

We worked with our customer for two years to develop this customised product solution and now that this has been successfully launched into the market, we are planning to further develop this system to dispense an alcohol free solution.  

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What the customer says!

Our clients managing director says,

Bioguard have provided us with a total product solution from initial product formulation customisation, bespoke packaging including the commissioning of a new tool for a bottle and cap, through to technical support with regulatory matters and sales training. This support has been essential to the development of our core hygiene handle product”