Bespoke Solutions

Where our products are typically used

Our key business goal has always been the provision of high performance infection control solutions, whatever the market sector.

Bioguard’s product range was initially developed to meet the requirements of the healthcare market, however we then identified applications for these products in the food processing and drinks vending sectors, and also in a number of other market sectors.

We are therefore always looking to use our expertise to provide innovative solutions in any market sector, where high performance infection control is a key requirement.

The following lists some recent examples of such varied market applications:

  • Producing a product to clean air filters in high performance cars.
  • Products to clean machines as part of an automated cleaning process.
  • Sanitiser for car air-conditioning systems.
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems in buildings.
  • Wipes for a specialist engineering application.
  • Converting an absorbent powder into a more convenient to use tablet version.

Whatever your hygiene, cleaning and infection control problem may be, we specialise in coming up with innovative solutions. Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.