Brewer Cleaning Tablets

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our BREWER CLEANING TABLETS can be effectively used across a whole spectrum of machines. This product is designed to be used manually or through a machine’s automatic cleaning system to remove tannin stains, prevent component blockage and to ensure a hygienically clean machine.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product providing the following significant benefits:

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL BREWERS* — Slimline tablet design ensures that our product fits through all the major machine manufacturers tablet chutes, eliminating the need for a different tablet for each brand and type of machine. This reduces your costs and simplifies cleaning for end users.
    *As of May 2010.
  • DISINFECTANT CAPABILITY — Product contains a disinfecting agent to ensure your machine remains hygienically clean.
  • FULLY DISSOVLES — Unlike some cheaper and branded tablets our product fully dissolves into water eliminating the risk of blockages due to partially dissolved tablets.
  • QUICK ACTING— One of the fastest dissolving tablets on the market ensuring that no matter how short your clean cycle our product fully dissolves into water eliminating the risk from partially dissolved tablets.
  • NON DAMAGING — Product will not damage or degrade machine components.

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Where to use

  • Bean to cup machines
  • Hot drinks vending machines

When to use

Use daily to prevent machine blockages and maintain hygiene.

How to use

Drop tablet into tablet chute and follow machine manufacturers instructions.

Open up machine and insert tablet into brewer unit and run cleaning cycle.

Products Available

Product optionPack sizeProduct code
Tub of 66 tablets6 tubsBIO66
Tub of 100 tablets6 tubsBIO023
Tub of 100 tablets1 tub in jiffy bagKIT2