Janitorial Products

To assist users in the easy application and use of our products during their cleaning regimes we supply a range of JANITORIAL PRODUCTS that can be used across a whole spectrum of machines.

Our range of products include:

  • A RANGE OF BRUSHES — As different machines require different sizes of brushes to clean pipes and components, a range of brushes is provided.
  • PAPER TOWEL — A two ply towel enables users to use dry off cleaned components prior to putting them back into the machines.
  • CLOTH ROLL — Our heavy duty material specification for our jay cloth ensures that our product does not easily tear or degrade when used on sharp and difficult shaped components and machine parts and can be used during route cleaning.
  • GLOVES — We provide gloves in three sizes to meet individuals requirements, these protect users hands when machine cleaning.
  • BIN BAGS — To fit most machine waste bins.

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Where to use

  • Hot drinks vending machines
  • Water coolers
  • Service engineers & workshop

When to use

During regular cleaning and hygiene regime cleaning and in workshops.

How to use

As necessary in our products user instructions and in accordance with machine manufacturers instructions.

Products Available

Product optionPack sizeProduct code
Espresso BrushsingleBRUSHESP
Large BrushsingleAB010
Medium BrushsingleAB011
Small BrushsingleAB012
Paper Towel6AB005
Cloth Roll12AB004
Large Gloves100AB008-L
Medium Gloves100AB008-M
Small Gloves100AB008-S
Bin Bags1000AB007