R&D and Customised Solutions

R&D and Customised Solutions

Our product knowledge, expertise and industry experience and ongoing research and development commitments has enabled us to establish a range of products and dispensing solutions which meet or exceed the majority of our customers expectations.

Ongoing R & D and independent testing,
ensures class leading products.

Our investment in research, development and independent testing is considerable and ongoing. So our cutting edge high performance products and innovative dispensing solutions are not just brilliantly effective, they also meet the latest industry standards and health and safety legislation.

Customised Solutions.

Where special site conditions require, we can also customise or develop new solutions. Our “in house” development and production capabilities are key factors in our ability to provide industry leading solutions to meet individual clients real needs in respect to the following key issues:

  • Technical needs – Customised product formulations.
  • Product dispensing needs – Innovative dispensing solutions.
  • Product packaging needs – Innovative packaging solutions.
  • Branding needs – Own or dual branded products.

Providing client soultions for most market sectors.

Our comprehensive off the shelf product range together with our ability to customise solutions also allows us to offer clients solutions to their hygiene, cleaning and infection control problems for applications in most market sectors.

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