CASE STUDY Healthcare

Cleaning and infection control solutions to for the West African Ebola outbreak

Bioguard has been working closely with a number of distributors to supply a range of our products to West Africa to assist in controlling and minimising the risk from the Ebola outbreak.

As the outbreak has increased, users are looking for a range of safe and user friendly products to assist in personal protection and the decontamination of high risk environments in areas at risk of Ebola.

The Customer’s Requirements

Most users were finding that standard consumer and many professional products only offer users protection against basic bacteria’s and simple micro organisms and therefore will not be effective against viruses such as Ebola, and sothis presents a significant infection control risk to users in high risk areas.

In addition users are also finding that many products that are effective against certain viruses are extremely hazardous in use, cause skin irritation or damage and degradation to contact surfaces. This makes regular use of these products difficult and expensive.

The Bioguard Solution!

Biochem the power behind Bioguard products is the unique chemical compound we’ve created for high performance cleaning and disinfection.

It is not possible to test individual infection control products against Ebola due to its addition to the risks in testing, however Biochem has been widely tested by leading international laboratories and is effective against high risk and difficult to kill viruses such as Hepatitis C, HIV etc.  and is therefore appropriate for use in the current Ebola situation.

In addition to the efficacy and suitability, our products also provide the following key performance benefits;

  • Powerfully effective
  • Independently tested
  • Non hazardous and food safe
  • Skin and surface friendly
  • Will not damage or degrade contact surfaces
  • Ideal for high risk environments
  • Easy on the environment
  • Economic in use
  • Effective with a short contact time

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What the customer says!

‘This product is used on a daily basis by all doctors’, nurses and other members of staff.’

‘By using the Bioguard products the infection control of the surgery is excellent with no reported outbreak of disease or cross infection. Also, there has not been any incidence of allergic reaction to any person using or coming into contact with this product’.