CASE STUDY Healthcare

User in a high risk Healthcare environment (Hospital Mortuary)

This operator is working in a high-risk healthcare setting in a UK Hospital. The user is a mortician in an NHS mortuary and was previously using the more traditional cleaning and disinfectant products that typically contain bleach and phenol based chemicals.

The Customer’s Requirements

This user switched away from his existing products to the Bioguard disinfectant cleaning solution for the following reasons:

  • Regulation changes meant that they have to find a safe alternative to bleach based cleaning products.
  • They’d had instances of operators spilling previously used products onto the skin and having product reactions.
  • Users found issues with the noxious fumes that were given off by existing products.
  • Products were damaging and degrading equipment.
  • Complicated dilution systems and risks associated with mixing chemicals together.
  • Couldn’t be used on all contact surfaces.

The Bioguard Solution!

The Bioguard performance benefits provided the required total infection control in their high risk user environment.

  • Non toxic and user friendly.
  • It kills all the organisms that they encountered in the high-risk environment of a mortuary and therefore this eliminated the need to be using different chemicals in different areas of high-risk and low-risk.
  • Short contact time compared to other products which reduced the time that they needed to wait before they rinsed off the product.
  • Product did not discolour or tarnish the equipment that they use in the mortuary, unlike other chemicals.
  • Using a concentrated solution of Bioguard disinfecting cleaning solution and they found this very cost effective compared to other products.

This user has happily been using our product since 2007, and continues to recommend it to friends and colleagues.

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What the customer says!

‘Bioguard is safe to use on mortuary equipment, a lot of which is stainless steel. It does not discolour or tarnish the equipment like other chemical products.’

‘It gives off a pleasant aroma that gives off no noxious fumes, unlike hycolin or bleach.’

‘It is safe to the operator If accidentally splashed on the skin unlike other products’.