Espresso Powder

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our ESPRESSO POWDER can be used across a whole spectrum of machines. This product is designed to be used on group heads and back flushed through the machine to prevent component blockage and to ensure a hygienic machine whilst maintaining dispensed product quality.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product providing the following significant benefits:

  • HIGH FOAMING ACTION — A high foaming action ensures that our product penetrates all component parts and pipes during the back flush cleaning cycles. This ensures that your machine is effectively cleaned, reducing the likelihood of machine breakdown whilst maintaining dispensed product quality.
  • SAFE TO USE — Product is safe to use and does not contain harmful ingredients that will damage and corrode machine components.

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Where to use

  • Traditional espresso machines
  • Service engineers & workshop

When to use

Use daily on machine group heads, in accordance with machine manufacturers instructions.

How to use

Use 1 scoop into group heads and follow machine manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Products Available

Product optionPack sizeProduct code
1KG Tub6 UnitsBIO028