Internal Water Cooler Sanitising Solution

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our INTERNAL WATER COOLER SANITISER can be used effectively across a whole spectrum of water coolers. This product is designed to be used on internal machine reservoirs and pipes to ensure a hygienically safe machine.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product which provides the following performance benefits:

  • UNIQUE COLOUR INDICATOR — Product contains a unique colour indicator enabling operators to visually see that solution has been drawn through the machine and is sanitising all internal components and confirms product is not present once cleaning is complete, making it much safer and quicker to use.
  • SAFE TO USE — Product breaks down to water and oxygen minimising the health and safety risk to cooler users.
  • MILD DESCALING ACTION — This assists in the reduction of scale on internal water cooler components and reduces the likelihood of machine breakdown.
  • DOSING CONTROL— For high usage operators product is supplied in dosing bottles enabling users to dispense an accurate amount of product each time reducing product wastage and associated costs whilst ensuring the correct amount of sanitiser is used each time.
  • FOOD SAFE & NON TAINTING — Our product contains a food safe and non tainting cleaning and disinfectant agent, making this safe to use on internal water cooler components.
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING ACTION — Helps eliminate bio-film and dirt and grime build up, improving hygiene and cleanliness of water coolers and improved dispensed water quality.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — Proven by independent environmental audits to be non-toxic, biodegradable and non accumulative in the eco system.

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Where to use

  • Mains water coolers
  • Bottled water coolers

When to use

During regular service visits, which should typically be every 2-4months.

How to use

25ml of solution per 2 litre reservoir.

Please refer to our recommended internal cleaning & hygiene procedure.

Products Available

Product optionPack sizeProduct code
100ml25 UnitsAQC002
1 Litre Dosing Bottle12 UnitsAQC003